Newspaper headlines: ‘England expects’ and UK to fine Facebook

Newspaper headlines: 'England expects' and UK to fine Facebook
Metro front page
Image caption The England team feature on many of the front pages ahead of their first World Cup semi-final for 28 years. ‘Let’s make history’ is the headline in the Metro, which is predicting an early rush-hour before the match.
Daily Mirror front page
Image caption The Daily Mirror carries a message to the England team from Paul Gascoigne, who cried at the 1990 World Cup, telling them to give the country tears of joy.
i front page
Image caption The team’s picture is splashed across the front of the i. The paper’s lead story says Theresa May is facing further walkouts from the Tory party.
Daily Express front page
Image caption The Daily Express reports that the prime minister has told ministers to step up plans for a “no deal” Brexit.
The Times front page
Image caption Mrs May’s proposal for leaving the EU is also the lead in the Times, which says bitter splits have emerged among Tory Brexiteers.
Daily Mail front page
Image caption The Daily Mail quotes a ringleader of the revolt who claims the prime minister is facing “guerilla war” over her Brexit plan.
Daily Telegraph front page
Image caption The Daily Telegraph focuses on Donald Trump saying the UK is in “turmoil” ahead of his visit. The paper says he dealt a blow to Mrs May by saying he wanted to meet his “friend” Boris Johnson during his stay.
The Sun front page
Image caption The Sun leads on the same story with the headline ‘Donald Thump’.
Financial Times front page
Image caption The Financial Times reports that Facebook is to be fined by the UK’s data protection watchdog over how it safeguarded user information in the massive data leak to Cambridge Analytica. The paper says it will receive the maximum fine of £500,000.
The Guardian front page
Image caption Facebook’s fine is also the main story in the Guardian. The paper’s front page also features photos of all 12 of the boys who were rescued from a cave in Thailand.
Daily Star front page
Image caption ‘Killer veg terror’ is the headline in the Daily Star. The paper says supermarkets have cleared bags of vegetables from store freezers over fears they could be contaminated with listeria.

There is a shared sense that the visit by President Trump – first to Brussels, then London – could be awkward. The Politico website notes that it comes “at a low ebb in transatlantic relations.”

On top of that, as the Sun points out, is his view that the UK is “in turmoil”. The Daily Express sees that as “a humiliating blow to Theresa May.”

The Daily Mirror is quick to respond, saying “this is a calm country, compared with a divided America.” And it encourages demonstrators here to let Mr Trump know “just what many people think of him.”

Image copyright PA

But the Daily Telegraph has some sympathy for Mr Trump’s belief that America contributes too much – and its European allies too little – to the costs of paying for Nato. “Mr Trump is right,” it says, and “Europe should give more.”

The Guardian challenges the President’s outlook, and the way he has gone about pushing for change.

It accuses him of resorting to power, not argument – and warns that he won’t strike a good and lasting deal without showing respect for the rules that everyone plays by.

Image copyright PA

Anyone wanting to see the “best of British”, says the Daily Express, had only to watch the RAF celebrate its 100th birthday.

The flypast over Buckingham Palace has provided some stunning photographs – like the one on the front page of the Telegraph.

Red, white and blue vapour trails spread out across a panorama of London, watched by a huge crowd packed into the Mall. “They saved us,” comments the Daily Mail – “a sight to stir British hearts.”

“Parts of the crowd became so gripped by patriotic fervour,” says the Telegraph, “they broke out into an impromptu rendition of the football chant ‘It’s coming home’.”

The Mail expects 30 million people in the UK to watch England play Croatia in the World Cup semi-final.

The police, says the Independent, have told fans not to overstep the line in their excitement.

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If only the approach by the reshuffled cabinet showed as much courage, discipline, verve, flair and skill as England’s footballers, James Dellingpole exclaims in the Express.

The Times thinks “bitter splits” now divide Tory supporters of Brexit.

And the Mail predicts a relentless guerilla war – with more disenchanted officials threatening a resignation every day until Parliament rises for its summer break in a fortnight.

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