Julian Assange: Warrant for his arrest upheld by court

Julian Assange: Warrant for his arrest upheld by court
Julian AssangeImage copyright PA

An arrest warrant for the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been upheld by Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

The warrant was issued when Mr Assange, 46, breached bail conditions in 2012 by seeking political refuge at the Ecuadorean embassy.

He was facing sexual assault allegations in Sweden. The allegations were dropped in May 2017.

Mr Assange has been staying at the embassy since 2012, claiming he fears extradition to the US.

Judge Arbuthnot described Mr Assange as “a man who wants to impose his own terms on the course of justice, whether the course of justice is in this jurisdiction or Sweden.

“He appears to consider himself above the normal rules of law and wants justice only if it goes in his favour.”

She added that she did not find Mr Assange’s fear that Swedish authorities would extradite him to the US “reasonable”.

Mr Assange’s lawyers had argued his arrest was no longer in the public interest.

A small group of supporters stood quietly outside the court after the ruling, holding banners reading “Free Assange” and “Assange Safe Passage”.

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