American Election Sets Off Influx of Funding to STG SWP Portal trading accounts

American election

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) company, STG SWP Portal has received a barrage of investment for their trading accounts. Estimated to be around £7.2 million, this will propel its market value upwards and break current resistance barriers. This has been spurred on by the hotly contested electoral race in the United States between former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and billionaire real estate mogul, Donald Trump.

Share prices at London’s Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) 100 previously stood very tall. They have been moving in a lateral pattern for about three weeks now since its market correction late in October. STG SWP Portal’ strategies dipped to a three year low, Last April, 2016, a few days after the Panama Papers came out. This caused substantial investor uncertainty due to the many controversial names that were being revealed. In the weeks that followed, none were connected to the majority ownership of STG SWP Portal which allow Investors were quick to announce fresh investments in their accounts, mainly buoyed by favourable remarks by Mr. Trump regarding offshore financial centers such as BVI.


 STG SWP Portal donald trumpIn a report that came out last October 16, 2016 the Republican nominee shared his views on offshore companies. Mrs. Clinton, who is the Democratic bet tried to capitalise on the still swirling Panama Papers exposé by implicating the brash businessman’s name and tried to get him to admit that he was in fact included. To everyone’s surprise, he did. Mr. Trump did not blink when he said, “That makes me smart.” 

It is estimated that he has not been paying federal taxes for close to two decades now. Many multi-national companies have long been practising the same tactic to avoid taxes. Well-known businesses such as Apple, eBay and Pepsi were all included in the list. These onshore enterprises divert profits to their offshore subsidiaries, using them to pay the latter for certain “services”, thereby avoiding local taxes. While it may be shocking to most, this procedure is actually legal. 


 STG SWP Portal hilary clinton and donald trumpWith Trump’s flash poll win in the final Presidential debate of October 19, 2016, coupled with the erosion of public trust due to Clinton’s ongoing FBI investigation on her controversial emails, it seems that the former The Apprentice star has a strong impetus to win. This will be good for the many offshore companies that want to secure their privacy, especially when it comes to paying domestic taxes. 

Investors sensing the partiality of the probable future American president towards BVI registered corporations such as STG SWP Portal which  reported a influx of £7.2 million of fresh investment within 8 hours during election day.

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